Concert Band / Wind Ensembles


  • Chamber Group: 3 to 9 performers of brass, woodwind and/or percussion instruments
  • Concert Band: Minimum group size should be able to reflect the musical intentions of the composer/arranger of the selections performed.

Presentation & Performance

  • Chamber Groups: Ensembles are required to perform two contrasting selections of their own choice. Two copies of each score are required.
  • Concert Bands: Bands are required to perform 3 selections at their class level. One selection should be from either the MusicFest Canada syllabus or the OBA Syllabus. Selections should be of contrasting styles.
  • Ensembles with longer selections (i.e. a program exceeding 16 min.) are strongly encouraged to present only two (2) selections in order to stay within the allotted stage time and capitalize on time with the clinicians.
  • Bands opting for a clinic only may play 2 or 3 selections of their own choice.
  • Bands may perform a short warm up which will not be adjudicated.
  • Two copies of each score are required.
  • Pop material is inappropriate.
  • It is recommended that performance time not exceed 18 minutes in order to maximize the ensemble’s time with the clinicians.

Time taken for onstage tuning will be considered performance time and thus deducted from the overall length of the clinic.