2024 Adjudicated Performance Festival Schedule

Here is the schedule for the 2024 Golden Horseshoe Music Festival

  • Jazz Bands/Combos: February 27 – 28, 2024
  • Concert Bands/Ensembles: February 26 – March 1, 2024
  • String & Symphony Orchestras: March 1, 2024

2024 Featured Concert Schedule

  • The Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band: February 28, 2024 at 5:30 pm

Admission for parents, guests:

Festival admission with Programme Booklet: FREE

Featured Concert admission: TBA

800SET UPSET UPAncaster High Concert Band B300SET UPSET UP
830SET UPGeorgetown DHS B200Port Credit SS Concert Strings S200CH NORTON PS B100Port Credit SS Chamber Strings S300
900SET UPEastview PS B100Charles R. Beaudoin PS B100West Oak PS B100St. Thomas Aquinas CSS HCDSB class TBA
930Ancaster HS Grade 9 Band B100Dundas Valley SS Junior Band B100Dundas Valley SS Senior B300MM Robinson B400Guelph CVI Orchestra O200
1000Simcoe Composite Jr B100Fairwind PS B100Alton Village Gr. 8 B100Saltfleet DHS B300Cawthra Park SS Junior Concert Band B300
1030Gordon Price ES B100Bernie Custis SS Repertoire B300Guy Brown PS B100Erin Centre MS B100Hillfield Strathallen Sr Wind Symphony B300
1100Munns PS B100Escarpment View PS B100Waterdown DHS B200White Oaks SS B300St. Joseph's Morrow Park B200
1130Burlington Central HS B300Dr. FJ Hayden Wind Ens B300Father Michael Goetz CSS B100St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSS B300Abbey Park HS String Ensemble S400
1200Saint Francis Catholic HS North End CB B100Fletchers Meadow B200Alton Village PS B100Saltfleet DHS Jr B100Cawthra Park SS Senior Concert Band B400
1230Simcoe Composite Sch Sr B300St. Aloysius Gonzaga CSS B200Falgarwood PS B100Emily Carr PS B100Hillfield Strathallen Gr 7/8 B100
100York Mills CI Concert Strings S300Hillfield Strathallen B200St. Aloysius Gonzaga B100White Oaks SS Senior CB B500GCVI Senior Symphonic B300
130Greensville ES B100Erin DHS TEMPO B200Northern Lights PS B100Stratford DHS B300TEAR DOWN
200Shannon Koostachin ES Junior B100Bellmoore ES B100Waterdown DHS B100Sherwood SS Rep Band B300TEAR DOWN
230Sir William OSLER ES B100Centennial CVI spARTanS B300St Thomas More CSS B300T.A. Blakelock B400 Wind EnsembleTEAR DOWN
300Paris DHS B300GCVI Jr. Symphonic B100North Park CVI B300The Woodlands SS Senior CB B500LOAD OUT
330Shannon Koostachin ES Senior B100Pineland PS B100PEN ORCHESTRA - B301 Mixed ChamberTA Blakelock Ninth Credit B100LOAD OUT
400York Mills CI Chamber Strings S400Centennial CVI spARTanS B200Oakville Trafalgar HS Concert Band B100Sir William Gage Intermediate Band B100LOAD OUT
430Ridley College Symphony Orchestra O400Oakville Trafalgar HS Concert Band B400Blessed Trinity Band B300The Woodlands SS Intermediate CB B300
500Paris DHS B100Unionville HS Guitar Ensemble B301Oakville Trafalgar HS Strings S400TA Blakelock HS Symphonic Winds B200
530Nora Henderson B300Centennial CVI spARTanS Acoustics (Guitar Ens) B201Glenforest SS Wind Ensemble B300Sir William Gage Senior Band B200
600shut down/set up for tuesWiliam Lyon Mackenzie CI String Ensemble S200St. Roch CSS B300DINNER BREAK
All stars concert starts at 5:30 in the other room **HWDSB Intermediate 7- 745, HWDSB Senior 745-830.

THURSDAY - STAGE B (GYM)CONCERT BAND SLOTS:clinic happens on stage after performance (50 minute slots)
800MM Robinson Jazz Band A301
830**do MM clinic onstage please, then 30 minute stage changeover to Concert Band
930St Marcellinus SS B200
1030King's Christian Coll B300
1130Brampton Christian School B200
100Viola Desmond Senior CB B100
200Etobicoke School of The Arts Wind Ens B400
300Viola Desmond PS Junior CB B100
400St. John's College B200
500St. Andrew's College B100

FRIDAY - STAGE B (GYM), CONCERT BAND SLOTS:clinic happens on stage after performance (50 minute slots)
800Cawthra Park SS Guitar Ensemble B301
900Havergal College B200
1000Sacred Heart CHS Newmarket B200
1100WH Morden PS B100
1200Crestwood S.S. B200
100River Oaks PS B100

845Ridley College Jazz Band A301White Oaks SS Saxophone Quartet B301
915White Oaks SS Flute Choir B301White Oaks SS Brass Quintet B301
945Nelson HS Jazz Works A301PEN Jazz Combo Jr A502
1015Pineland PS A701Hillfield Strathallen A501
1045Oakville Trafalgar HS Jazzmanian Devils A301Halton Junior Jazz A701
1115Centennial CVI Stage Band A301St Aloysius Gonzaga CSS Jazz A301
1145Dundas Valley SS A301Sherwood SS A301
1215Notre Dame College School Jazz Band A301Sir William Osler Jazz Band A801
1245Oakville Trafalgar HS Jazz Band A401PEN Jazz Combo Sr A402
115John F. Ross SS Royal Jazz A301Stratford DHS Jazz Combo A301
145Georgetown DHS A301Hamilton All Star Jazz Band A202
215Notre Dame COMBO A301York Mills CI Jazz Band A301
245Hillfield Strathallen (ALLAN) A301Dr. Norman Bethune Stahe Band A301
315slot is on holdOakville Trafalgar HS Chamber Ensemble B301
345Unionville HS Senior Jazz A301Glenforest SS Jazz Ensemble A301
415Monsignor Paul Dwyer CHS A301St. Roch CSS Jazz Band A301
445MacKenzie jazz band A301prep for concert soundcheck
515GCVI Gael Force A301prep for concert soundcheck
ALL STARS concert 530