Important Reminders

Here is a list of things to remember as you prepare to attend the GHMF.

  1. Registration forms and full fees due December 19, 2014
  2. Soon after your group’s performance, GHMF staff will upload your recorded clinics to a secure site and will send the link and password to you via email.
  3. Directors should plan to arrive at least one hour prior to their scheduled time.
  4. Please inform the Festival as soon as possible of any potential school or community conflicts your group may face to help us effectively place you in our schedule.
  5. There will be a warm up room available 45 minutes prior to their clinic.
  6. SCORES: Directors are reminded to have TWO (2) copies of their scores (originals where possible) for the clinicians. These must be passed in to the student assistants upon arrival to the Festival site. PLEASE HAVE NAME CLEARLY MARKED ON ALL SCORES/MUSIC. INSTRUMENTAL DIRECTORS ARE ENCOURAGED TO HAVE BAR NUMBERS ON ALL SCORES.