UofT Jazz Orchestra

The University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra (UTJO) is now in the third year under the leadership of Gordon Foote. The band is quickly becoming one of Canada’s finest university jazz orchestras, and is the flagship group of the Jazz Studies Program at the University of Toronto.

UTJO  BANNERS  and photoThe UTJO recorded and released a CD entitled Reflections, which is music entirely composed by Mike Murley, one of the five full-time jazz faculty members at the University of Toronto. Mike also participates in the project as featured soloist.

The 18 member undergraduate ensemble is part of the UofT Jazz Program, which offers Bachelors, Masters and DMA degrees in Jazz. The UTJO works hard to produce performances that are musical and exciting, with precision and energy. Their repertoire spans many decades, and pays homage to the rich jazz orchestra tradition. The Jazz Degree curriculum also requires students to compose and arrange music, which has the ensemble performing music with a unique UofT flavor.

Jack Bowers, of All About Jazz (www.allaboutjazz.com) wrote the following in his review of the CD:

To describe the album as impressive would be an understatement. The UTJO is as good as or better than almost any ensemble you’ll hear at that level… Reflections is a superb album, teeming with high energy and good humor. Gordon Foote, it seems, has found a congenial new home in Toronto, and the UT Jazz Orchestra is in the best of hands.

In concert!  Wednesday, February 18 at 12:30 p.m.